Human Potential Coaching Introduction

You are about to start on a journey of personal growth and emotional health development that has been designed to support and accelerate your transformation from a fear-based way of living to one rooted in awareness, acceptance and love. I have allocated 6 to 9 months to initiate this process.

Walking the talk and embodying a way of being rooted in healthy self-care and emotional maturity is the corner-stone of working as a Human Potential Coach. Hence the need for a focused period of personal growth and spiritual development

In Human Potential Coaching we use an integrated model of the human being as a map or framework to guide the personal growth and spiritual development process. By exploring the physical, emotional, social, psychological and spiritual aspects of our being and taking action to bring each into its potential, we are much better placed to help others do the same.

However – and this is important to acknowledge – the process of self-actualisation – emerging into our full potential self – is a process not a destination. It’s a life-time endeavor. The assignment of 6 to 9 months to this process is simply intended to help you start addressing the blocks to your own self-actualisation and to get you stabilized in a personal growth and spiritual development programme upon which you life is built and lived. Your work as a Human Potential Coach will then become an expression of your way of being.

This inner work requires a real willingness to open your mind to new insights and perspectives and to prioritize time each day to work through the suggestions and exercises that I have set for you. It’s easy to start a course with a lot of excitement and good intentions, that’s important and necessary. However to get the most from this course, and I strongly encourage you to consider this now, the key is to find your own rhythm of working that keeps this work fresh and alive. If you come across resistance or start to stagnate, that’s the time to use one of the emotional processing tools that you will be learning to address that block. Alternatively drop me an e-mail and I will support you through it.

The Guiding Principles of Human Potential Coaching

Before introducing the component parts of the modules, I want to share some further suggestions as to how you can get the most out of the personal growth and spiritual development process.

The concept of Human Potential Coaching was born from my direct personal and professional experience of witnessing the profound transformation that can take place when one is willing to use the raw material of the present moment – thoughts, feelings, felt-sense (bodily reactions) and life situation – as a gateway into awakening and personal change. At the heart of this realisation is the fact that most perceived problems and mental distress results from fighting with reality, and that by embracing our unwanted reality – thoughts, feelings, felt-sense and life situation - as they are with loving acceptance – a shift in our state of being arises from which a higher order of insight, clarity, motivation and power emerges. This empowered state of being – one I refer to as the flowering of the true Self – then becomes the source of guidance and inspiration from which a healthy and fulfilling life can be consciously created.


Coaching to the Ego


Whilst developing the Human Potential Coaching approach, I explored many different models of coaching and one of things that stuck out for me was that fact that many coaching methods are designed to coach to the ego – that aspect of our mind that is conditioned, limited and fear-based. Most of what we think we should or should not do, how the world should be or not be, or what needs to happen in order to experience joy, abundance, love and fulfilment arises from a system of beliefs and agreements that we adopted early on in life. Most of these beliefs and agreements, when explored and brought into the light, are not only self-limiting, but clearly not true. Hence when a goal is made from the ego, (for example to be a millionaire within 2 years) and a coach supports and reinforces the desires of the ego, that coach is unintentionally perpetuating the unconsciousness of the desire.


However, by asking a couple of simple questions that are directed at bringing into awareness the innate wisdom and insights of the body-mind itself it is possible for that same coach to facilitate a rapid shift in consciousness from which flowers the realisation that his or hers clients true hearts desire is something else – usually the need or yearning for love and wholeness.


To quote Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj:


What you believe you need is not what you need. You need to return to the state in which I am your natural state. Anything else you may think of is an illusion and obstacle. Believe me; you need nothing except to be what you are. You imagine you will increase your value by acquisition. It is like gold imagining that an addition of copper will improve it.


Most goals therefore are a reactionary and unconscious response to unprocessed emotions and unaddressed fears and beliefs from the past. And because of this, pursuing and achieving most goals fails to provide authentic lasting fulfilment. Have you ever achieved a goal and felt empty or disappointed afterwards? The reason why this happens is that the goal reinforces the belief that you are not okay as you are, that you are in some way inadequate, that you need to become someone different, acquire something different or experience something different in order to experience the fulfilment you desire. What’s more because deep down most people don’t want what they think they need, they don’t get what they think they need – this again adds to the frustration, restlessness and disappointments!


Of course at one level it makes sense to have defined goals – the SMART and GROW models which are in wide-spread use within the coaching community achieve this well. However what is much more effective and ultimately much more fulfilling is to make conscious contact with that aspect of you that not only does know what you need for fulfilment but will provide you with the power, energy and guidance to bring those hearts desires into manifestation.  This way you goals arise, not from a place of lack, but from a felt place of self-acceptance and non-attachment. That ‘place’ is what I refer to as the true Self


Liberating The true Self


I define the true self as the wellspring of aliveness, inspiration and deep knowing that lies beyond the ego, the emotional and psychological knot in consciousness that is the fundamental cause of the sense of separation from all of life. The true self, also known as the essential self, soul or authentic self is the ‘natural state’ that Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj refers to. Its felt qualities are the answers to our hearts desires; our challenge is to do whatever is necessary to access them. The Human Potential Coaching process teaches a variety of somatic techniques, emotional processing methods and mind-training tools for doing exactly this. Not only do clients discover their own answers from with-in, but by releasing on the resistance and blocks that arise in the moment, they are better able to reconnect with their true self and in doing so tap into the power and guidance to start consciously start manifesting their authentic goals and desires. A Human Potential Coach therefore works with the individual’s true self to bring about lasting change.


Of importance is that the insights and authentic goals that emerge from this experience arise from the conscious connection with the here-and-now, and are born (not of the past), but a genuine desire to give to birth to the potential, values, character strengths and heart’s desires that dwells within. Whilst being mindful of the desired future outcome Human Potential Coaching is therefore focused in the present and on how a shift in beliefs, awareness, emotions or somatic responses can create a new way of being and potentially a brighter and more fulfilling future.


It is a profound process, one that has completely transformed my own life and coaching/medical practice


The Eight Modules of Human Potential Coaching


Part one of the course consists of eight modules, which should be worked through in order

Module 1        True Happiness   

This module provides an introduction to the subject of true happiness, emotional maturity (emotional intelligence) and present moment awareness / true Self embodiment (spiritual intelligence) – the core foundations of the human potential personal development process. You will

  • Learn about the difference between ‘normal happiness and ‘true’ happiness and discover the numerous benefits of discovering True Happiness
  • Explore why emotional immaturity and the developmental trauma that underpins it is at the heart of much suffering and destructive behaviour
  • Learn how to identify your own blocks to emotional maturity
  • Assess your emotional maturity and present moment awareness
  • Learn the secrets to keeping committed and motivated


Module 2        Thought Mastery    

This module explores the importance of thought mastery and present moment awareness to the development of human potential. You will learn how to

  • Defuse your negative thoughts
  • Investigate your own thinking
  • Transform your self-limiting beliefs
  • Practise mindfulness
  • Enter flow


Module 3        Emotional Mastery                                                              

This module explores the importance of emotional mastery and healthy emotional processing to the development of human potential. You will learn how to

  • Assess your emotional management style
  • Identify your emotional control strategies
  • Increase your body awareness
  • Improve your emotional literacy
  • Become skilful in emotional processing
  • Manage psychological stress effectively
  • Manage anger effectively


Module 4        The Fulfilling & Meaningful Life                                       

This module explores the contributing factors towards living a fulfilling and meaningful life. You will learn how to

  • Meet your emotional needs
  • Embrace gratitude
  • Identify your inner/outer gifts
  • Discover your values
  • Live in alignment with your highest values


Module 5        Physical Needs                                                        

This module explores the importance of physical needs to the development of human potential. You will learn how to

  • Conduct a physical needs audit
  • Get active
  • Sleep soundly
  • Breath optimally
  • Rest and relax
  • Live / work in a healthy environment


Module 6        Optimum Nutrition                                                             

This module explores the importance of healthy eating and optimum nutrition to the development of human potential. You will learn

  • How to define healthy eating
  • About the relationship between food and mood
  • Healthy eating principles
  • How to create a personalized healthy eating plan
  • Which supplements to take to support your health


Module 7        Compassionate Self-Acceptance                                        

This module explores the importance of self-acceptance and self-love to the development of human potential. You will learn how to

  • Make peace with your body
  • Discover your masks
  • Embrace your shadow
  • Let go of your resentments
  • Experience self-love


Module 8        Healthy Relationships                                                         

This module explores the importance of healthy, positive relationships to the development of human potential. You will learn how to

  • Identify the presence of co-dependency / counter-dependency behaviours
  • Develop & maintain functional boundaries
  • Practise empathy and loving-kindness
  • Learn how to resolve conflicts
  • Develop and deepen friendships
  • Nourish intimate relationships through the 4 A’s – attention, acceptance, appreciation and affection


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