Module 5 - Physical Needs

This module explores the importance of physical needs to emotional well-being and human potential.

You will learn how to


  1. Conduct a physical needs audit
  2. Get active
  3. Sleep soundly
  4. Breath optimally
  5. Rest and relax
  6. Live / work in a healthy environment


Key Messages


  • meeting your main physical needs of healthy diet, physical activity, sleep, rest, relaxation, sunlight and a healthy environment is an essential part of cultivating physical and emotional health
  • keeping physically active and getting at least 30 to 45 minutes of exercise a day is an important contributor to health
  • sleep deprivation is a significant barrier to health and well-being, most people need to be getting at least 7 to 8 hours of rejuvenating sleep a night
  • most people breath unconsciously. Optimal breathing can considerably enhance your energy levels and mood
  • rest means not-doing, it’s about having unstructured ‘empty’ periods in your life (ideally on a daily basis)
  • relaxation is an active process designed to trigger a specific physiological response called the relaxation response.
  • your environment, for better or for worse can lift your mood and energy or bring those down.




  • Please read through the entire section on meeting your physical needs twice: start here 
  • The direct links for each of the sections are: healthy eating (this will be covered in the next module), personal hygiene, physical activity, sleep, rest, relaxation, optimal breathing, mental aerobics and healthy environment
  • Now complete your physical needs audit – identify which of your physical needs are currently not being met. Follow my recommendations for meeting that physical need
  • Read through the section on optimal breathing and follow the exercises and recommendations. Reflect on your own pattern of breathing and how you perhaps use it to minimise the experience of your emotions.




  • Create a handout on physical needs (focusing on physical activity, sleep, rest and relaxation) that you can give to your own clients. Please e-mail it to me
  • What new knowledge, skills and understanding have you gained from completing this module? (300 to 500 words). Please e-mail me your response

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