Physical Need 8 - Mental Aerobics

Keeping mentally fit, as well as physically fit, is an important component of positive mental health. What’s more and contrary to popular belief brain training is known to strengthen connections between brain cells and also stimulate the growth of new brain cells. For example researchers found that people over 75 who often read, danced and played board games or musical instruments had lower rates of dementia, including Alzheimer's, than those who didn't frequently engage in such stimulating pursuits. Another study found that when elderly people regularly played bingo, it helped them remain mentally sharp by minimizing their memory loss and bolstering hand-eye coordination.


There are many different ways to train your brain and keep mentally active, the following are a couple of suggestions to get you started.


Tips for Improving Your Mental Fitness


  • Start learning something new – take up a language attend classes or start course for example
  • Rather than using a calculator do sums in your head
  • Purchase a puzzle or crossword course and attempt a couple a day
  • Try out Sudoku a very popular number puzzles
  • Play scrabble with friends and/or family
  • Start a new hobby or learn a new language
  • Deliberately start using your memory - for example by trying to remember the names of everyone you meet.
  • Join a study group or course group in which you reflect and discuss things
  • Use an online brain training game.

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