Module Four - Human Potential Coach Training

The Fulfilling & Meaningful Life      


This module explores the contributing factors towards living a fulfilling and meaningful life. You will learn how to


  1. Meet your emotional needs
  2. Embrace gratitude
  3. Identify your inner/outer gifts
  4. Discover your values
  5. Live in alignment with your highest values


Key messages


  • one perspective on the purpose of life is to be who you authentically are and to live life in a way that enables your potentials, talents, strengths and gifts to shine through you
  • the foundations of a fulfilling and meaningful life are gratitude and healthy self-care – the ability to consistently meet your physical and emotional needs in a balanced and moderate way
  • fulfilment and meaning comes from meeting your emotional needs and taking actions that are aligned with your values, strengths and gifts.




  • Please read through the entire section on the fulfilling and meaningful life twice. Start here
  • Follow the instructions in the emotional needs section – having completed the questionnaire, identify three emotional needs that need to be met and use the suggestions to address them. If you get stuck with this arrange to speak with me
  • Follow the instructions in the gratitude section. Use the gratitude ritual every day for a week and notice how it influences your well-being and mood. When you get to the gratitude journal please e-mail me your gratitude’s every day (or most days) for seven days
  • Identify your inner/outer gifts and strengths – e-mail them to me
  • Follow the instructions in each of the sections that relate to values. This is a very important section because you will be using this will your future clients. Identify your highest values and the fears/limitations associated with them. E-mail them to me
  • Reflect on how you can start living in alignment with your values, start making the necessary changes in your life to honour this and notice how this changes the quality of your life




  • Create a handout, one that would be suitable for giving to your own clients on emotional needs and how to meet them. Please e-mail it to me
  • Create a handout, one that would be suitable for giving to your own clients on values. Please e-mail it to me
  • Explain to a friend about the nine emotional needs and get them to fill in the emotional needs questionnaire. Then using the process I have shared with you support them in identifying tasks they can do to meet them. Report back how you get on
  • Explain to a friend (it can be the same person as above) about values and support them in identifying their values (and associated fears/limitations). Then take them through the process of setting goals and taking actions that are in alignment with their values. Report back how you get on
  • What new knowledge, skills and understanding have you gained from completing this module? (300 to 500 words). Please e-mail me your response


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