The Fulfilling & Meaningful Life

Is the life that you are currently living truly fulfilling and meaningful? Do you wake up in the morning with a real sense of how good it is to be alive? Are you dedicating your time and energy to the things that truly matter to you?


A fulfilling and meaningful life is as it sounds – full and meaningful. However the fullness I am referring to is nothing to do with how busy your schedule is, its do with a deep seated feeling of inner fulfilment, aliveness and well-being that comes from living life in a way that enables your potentials, talents, strengths and gifts to shine through you. It’s about getting clear in your own mind what truly matters to you and then making sure that you live your life in alignment with those values. People who consistently take action that satisfy their values and needs are healthier and happier and show greater levels of well-being after completing their goals, when compared to be people who focus on goals that are not chosen on that basis. It’s about bringing all of yourself to life and engaging life as fully as possible. Not doing this creates a type of pain that I call the pain of unfulfilled potential. It’s a heaviness, emptiness and restlessness deep within us that arises whenever we move off course from our values, strengths and unique gifts, whenever we act in a way in which we are not true to who we are and what we stand for.


I believe we are each blessed with a unique way of being, that when expressed authentically brings about the inner experience of aliveness and well-being. In fact I know this is true because I experience myself and have seen many others experience it when they start to follow the suggestions in this module. It’s so easy to get caught up in our own problems and our own thinking, and lose sight of what is right about life and us. The purpose of life is to live life fully and to thrive and flourish as human beings, not in terms of material wealth, achievements and gain, but emotionally and spiritually. Yes, you must address those issues that are causing you to experience mental distress and yes you must learn how to have a better relationship with yourself and with others. The key however to true happiness however lies not in fixing problems, but in embracing a way of being and living that enables you to emerge fully into your full potential. When this happens, you shift from being ego-centred, to being of service, from healing to awakening and bringing into the world a mature, adult self.


The Foundations – Healthy Self-Care & Gratitude


To do the work of contribution and awakening you need to have solid foundations.  Two of what I consider to be the most important foundations for creating fulfilling and meaningful life in my work are healthy self-care and gratitude. When these two are being honoured and being actively nurtured each day, they provide the vitality, emotional balance and mental health for you to thrive and flourish. I talk about gratitude later on in this section, so for the moment I want to focus on healthy self-care


Healthy self-care


I define healthy self-care as the ongoing process of responding to the physical and emotional needs of your body and mind in a way that is balanced and moderate. The physical needs (which are covered in module five) are for healthy food, water, physical activity, sleep, rest, relaxation, sunlight and a healthy environment. The emotional needs, which not many people know about (and are discussed in this module) are for security, giving & receiving positive attention, connection with a wider community, an intimate close relationship with at least one other person, autonomy, status, competence, privacy and meaning and purpose

The underlying intention of healthy self-care is the desire to not only to prevent illness and support your recovery from various health problems, but to take care of your bodymind in a way that enables you to experience your fullest physical, emotional, psychological and social potential.


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