Module 1        True Happiness    

This module provides an introduction to the subject of true happiness, emotional maturity and present moment awareness / true Self embodiment – the core foundations of the human potential personal development process. You will


  • Learn about the difference between ‘normal happiness and ‘true’ happiness and discover the numerous benefits of discovering True Happiness
  • Explore why emotional immaturity and the developmental trauma that underpins it is at the heart of much suffering and destructive behaviour
  • Learn how to identify your own blocks to emotional maturity
  • Assess your emotional maturity and present moment awareness
  • Learn the secrets to keeping committed and motivated




  • Please start by listening to my true happiness video
  • Now slowly read through the happiness text at least three times You can access it by clicking here. Make any notes / reflections in a journal or on your computer as you go along.
  • Fill in the true happiness questionnaire and e-mail me your scores with your own reflections
  • Now read through my tips for your true happiness personal development journey. Click here
  • For the next week, experiment with 4/7 breathing and soften your gaze
  • In that same week start observing (without judging) the moments when your behaviour comes from the emotionally immature ego. Notice it in other people as well.
  • Visit the website, click on positive psychology resources and read through the sections on positive psychology, happiness & well-being, plus any other sections that you want to.



  • Summarise what you have read on the centre for confidence website in less than 1000 words. Please e-mail it to me.
  • Reflect on living with HEART, what have you learned from reading about this in relationship to where you are at now and where you want to be? (200 to 300 words). Please e-mail me your response
  • What new knowledge, skills and understanding have you gained from completing this module? (300 to 500 words). Please e-mail me your response


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