Module Seven - Compassionate Self-Acceptance

This module explores the importance of self-acceptance to emotional well-being and human potential development. You will learn how to
  1. Define self-acceptance and self-love
  2. Make peace with your body
  3. Discover your masks
  4. Embrace your shadow
  5. Let go of your resentments
  6. Experience self-love


Key Messages


  • lack of self-acceptance and self-love is a major cause of unhappiness, mental ill-health and life dissatisfaction
  • self-acceptance is the process of bringing an inner acceptance to the reality, right now of everything about you, warts and all
  • self-love is the infusion of this inner acceptance with warmth, respect, understanding and compassion
  • most of us hide behind masks and project those parts of ourselves that we don’t accept or like onto others
  • resentments are toxic bundles of thoughts and feelings that prevent you from knowing inner peace and self-love




  • Please read through the entire compassionate self-acceptance section twice. Having done so reflect on the importance of self-acceptance? How have you not accepted yourself and others previously? What has been the consequence to you and your relationships of this?
  • Follow the instructions for the ‘making peace with your body’ exercise. You will probably need about 2 hours to do this
  • Follow the instructions for ‘discovering your masks’ and record your answers in the chart. Reflect on what you have learnt about yourself
  • Follow the instructions for ‘letting go of resentments’ if you get stuck or are unclear about this work let me know
  • Follow the instructions for ‘experience self-love’ do both exercises at least 10 times. Reflect on how they impact your sense of well-being, mood and thinking
  • Optional further reading: the learning to love yourself workbook by Gay Hendricks




  • Write a short essay (500 words) on the subject of compassionate self-acceptance Please e-mail it to me
  • Teach the self-love exercises to a friend – report back on their experiences
  • What new knowledge, skills and understanding have you gained from completing this module? (300 to 500 words). Please e-mail me your response

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