Module 6     Optimum Nutrition              

This module explores the importance of healthy eating and supplementation to health and human potential. You will learn


  1. How to define healthy eating
  2. About the relationship between food and mood
  3. Healthy eating principles
  4. How to create a personalized healthy eating plan
  5. Which supplements to take to support your health


Key messages:


  • the way you think and feel is intimately linked to the food you do and don’t eat;
  • eating a healthy diet rich in nutrient dense whole foods and low in sugar, caffeine, processed foods and foods to which you are intolerant can lift your mood and help transform your health
  • to thrive we need to be eating a diet that is personalised to our needs and life situation
  • supplements are a necessary component of an optimum nutrition programme




  • Please read through the entire section on optimum nutrition twice.
  • Please keep a food diary for seven days and send it to me. Having completed it – use the questions to reflect on your diet
  • Having read the ‘what to eat’ and ‘what not to eat’ section, make your own list of the foods that you are going to start including and excluding/limiting from your diet. What are going to be the major challenges for you? What is going to stop you from consistently eating healthy foods?
  • Write a meal plan for the next seven days ahead and purchase all of your food ingredients ahead, so that they are available to hand
  • Having read this section, what supplements do you need to consider taking?
  • Now visit the website of the charity Food for the Brain and download and read the report ‘The Links between Diet & Behaviour’

  • Optional further reading: Optimum nutrition for the mind by Patrick Holford




  • Write a short essay (between 500 and 1000 words) on the food-mood link.
  • Create a two-page handout on healthy eating that you can give to your own clients. Please e-mail it to me
  • What new knowledge, skills and understanding have you gained from completing this module? (300 to 500 words). Please e-mail me your response

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