Mindfulness Training for Coaches & Health Professionals

Mindfulness is the practice of paying attention to our present moment experience with a welcoming attitude of curiosity and openness. By becoming mindful we start to watch what we do as we do it. Shifting into this observer position provides a vantage point from which we can disengage unhelpful habits and thought patterns and consciously make wiser, more effective decisions.

More than 2500 scientific research studies worldwide have revealed the mental and physiological benefits of the mindfulness process. Key benefits include a significant improvement in focus, concentration and attention, greater personal and inter-personal effectiveness, enhanced ability to cope with pressure and stress, and maintaining a sense of inner peace, balance and presence even in the midst of a busy work life.

The UK National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) also now recommends mindfulness for patients that have suffered from three or more major episodes of depression 

At a professional level coaches and health professionals who embody Presence and practise mindfulness may find that they are better able

  • To facilitate a deeper level of change and transformation
  • To listen more attentively
  • Be more empathic
  • Focus more easily
  • Manage emotional states more effectively
  • Communicate more clearly
  • Find solutions more effectively
  • Access intuition more easily

The aim of this short course is therefore to

  • Introduce you to the practice of mindfulness, share the research on its effectiveness and provide you with a series of experiential practices to increase your level of mindful awareness
  • Guide you in developing the quality of presence within yourself
  • Explore how mindfulness, heartfulness and presence enriches the coaching relationship
  • Share some simple practices for teaching to your clients

This course includes

  • 6 ninety-minute teleclasses
  • 2 hours of small group mentoring – with the course leader Dr Mark Atkinson
  • 2 hours of on demand webinars and audios
  • 13 hours of CPD (continuing professional development) from the Academy of Coach Training

The next course commences

Tuesday 27th November 2012 19.30 to 21.00 GMT

All of the subsequent teleclasses are held on Tuesdays at the same time.

The investment for this course is £250 or £230 if paid before the 30th october 2012

Short Course Payment

These are the learning objectives


Part 1: Introduction to Mindfulness

Upon completing this part it is expected that you will be able to

  • Define mindfulness and describe its importance and application in work, life, relationships, coaching and service work
  • Provide a succinct overview of the research & benefits of mindfulness in relationship to health and well-being
  • Distinguish between the 3 levels of experience – the somatic, cognitive and emotional
  • Explain the concept of automaticity and mindlessness and how this limits our capacity for health and well-being
  • Identify and know how to address the most common blocks to mindfulness
  • Understand and explain the concepts of attachments and aversions
  • Commence a personal mindfulness based practice

Part 2: Cultivating Mindfulness

Upon completing this module it is expected that you will be able to

  • Use and explain a variety of practices for cultivating mindfulness
  • Integrate mindfulness based practices into your own daily routine
  • Start becoming aware of your self-limiting behaviours and habits through mindful awareness
  • Describe a variety of life awareness practices
  • Incorporate life awareness practices into your daily routine

Part 3: Awakening to Presence through the Mind

Upon completing this part it is expected that you will be able to

  • Describe and facilitate a sitting meditation practice in which your full inner experience is witnessed and observed
  • Use self-observation to work effectively with habits
  • Describe and facilitate the shift from identification with the minds stories to Presence
  • Start letting go of attachments and aversions and teach your clients to do the same

Part 4: Awakening to Presence through the Body

Upon completing this part it is expected that you will be able to

  • Describe how the body provides us with valuable information that can be used within your work
  • Support your clients in becoming somatically more aware and literate
  • Describe and facilitate the body scan meditation
  • Notice your somatic response to others with an attitude of welcoming acceptance
  • Describe and facilitate the instant presence process – a practice that brings us into presence by shifting our attention into different parts of the body

Part 5: Awakening to Presence through the Heart

Upon completing this part it is expected that you will be able to

  • Define heartfulness and describe its importance and application in work, life, relationships and service work
  • Access Presence through the gateway of the heart
  • Shift your attention to and relate to your client and your experience from the heart
  • Describe and facilitate the deep empathy process
  • Describe and facilitate the big heart meditation
  • Integrate heartfulness based practices into your own daily routine
  • Apply heartfulness in your work

Part 6: Applying Mindfulness

Upon completing this part it is expected that you will be able to

  • Understand the myriad of ways that mindfulness and a presence-based can be used and applied to the coaching relationship and therapeutic relationship
  • Use a mindful approach within your work
  • Develop a more compassionate, patient and accepting stance to yourself and your clients
  • Identify and proactively address the potential client barriers to integrating a mindfulness approach


Assessment of this module and the subsequent issuing of a certificate of completion is based on:

  1. Passing an on-line key point revision questionnaire
  2. Submission of a feedback form for each session
  3. Submission of a 6-week mindfulness reflection and exploration diary
  4. Submission of a MP3 recording or transcript of a coaching conversation with you facilitating one of the practices with your client


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