Somatically-Focused Experiential Therapy Training

The body is a portal into the subconcious mind and presence - the wellspring of joy and aliveness that we seek

The question I have for you is this - are you as a facilitator of change and healing skillfully working with it or against it?

Somatically-Focused Experiential Therapy is a presence-based therapeutic approach to health, healing and human flourishing. At its heart is the recognition that many illnesses and most psychological suffering are simply unnecessary. They are the inevitable consequences of living in our head, denying our body, mishandling our emotions and failing to harness the innate wisdom that is always available to us when we are aware, awake and open in the present moment. Another way of looking at this is to see many of the challenges faced by human beings as developmental challenges - as invitations to grow up and wake up. To grow into healthy, psychologically mature adults and to wake up and to embody our true nature.

Professional Training in Somatically-Focused Experiential Therapy (SFET)

Facilitated by Dr Mark Atkinson the developer of SFET, our professional training course is specifically for healthcare practitioners and facilitators of change who are committed to helping themselves and their clients flourish through the process of inner transformation and mind-body mastery.

Upon completion of our experiential training course with the Academy of Human Potential you will

  • Be able to access and work with deeper levels consciousness and Presence
  • Be confident in identifying and facilitating the release of the somatically-rooted blocks that are at the heart of your clients symptoms
  • Be able to help your clients access their own inner knowing and source of authentic power
  • Know how to facilitate the resolution of unnecessary psychological suffering, inner conflict and self-sabotage
  • Be confident in using seven somatically-focused methods for facilitating the healing, health and transformation of yourself and your clients
  • Know how to skillfully work with the body, breath, emotions and mind
  • Be able to process and facilitate the transformation of your client’s physical tension, emotional pain, anger, grief, fear, resentments and self-limiting beliefs.
  • Know how to work from the true Self rather than the ego
  • Be awarded 35 CEU's

The Somatically-Focused Experiential Therapy Training Course consists of a weekend workshop followed by a three-month programme of study (including distance learning, mentoring, personal practice and a five-day residential training workshop). The methods you will be experiencing and learning include

  • shaking medicine - to release tension, liberate repressed emotions and restore flow through the body and the life of the client
  • movement meditation - to liberate restrictive physical and mental patterns, to birth the true Self, to surrender to the aliveness of the moment
  • intensification - a powerful breathwork process for liberating stuck emotional charges and self-limiting beliefs and for resting in deep stillness
  • clarity meditation - for shifting from stress and confusion to alert wakefulness
  • the freedom process - for integrating imbalanced un-integrated aspects of the psyche and returning our awareness to the true Self
  • the embodied change process - for reprogramming new somatically-rooted life-enhancing behaviours
  • big mind process – for accessing deeper states of consciousness in just a few moments. These states include compassion, gratitude, no-mind, presence, joy, inner peace and open spacious awareness.

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