Stress Management & Well-Being Consultant Training

Earn an extra £20,000 / $30,000+ per year teaching others how to skillfully manage their stress, build their resilience and enhance their well-being.

My name is Dr. Mark Atkinson, I am the founder of the Academy of Human Potential and I am delighted that you are taking an interest in our Certified Stress Management & Well-Being Practitioner training program.  

Our evidence-based mind-body skills training program has been specifically designed for healthcare professionals, coaches, consultants, trainers and educators who are passionate about facilitating positive change and transformation in others.

After 16 weeks of starting our training program and having fulfilled our certification criteria you will be

  • Graduated as a Certified Stress Management & Well-Being Practitioner
  • Confident and competent in helping your clients to skillfully manage their stress, build their resilience and enhance their well-being
  • Licensed for one-year to facilitate our six week SMART – Stress Management & Resilience Training Course for the general public
  • Ready to increase your earning potential by an average of £20,000 / $30,000+ per year (based on you delivering 8 SMART courses per year with 14 people on each course)
  • Able to receive 50 Continuing Education Credits
  • Eligible to become a member of ISMA – the International Stress Management Association
  • Able to deliver talks on popular in-demand subjects such as Stress to Success, Building Resilience, Stress to Stillness, Emotional Intelligence, Performance Under Pressure and The Resilient Manager
  • Trained leading experts from the fields of stress management, resilience and personal well-being.

The Demand

There is a considerable demand for skilled, competent professionals who have the knowledge and expertise to help others manage their stress, build their resilience and enhance their well-being. Stress is the number one cause of absenteeism in business. Stress drives unhealthy behaviors and is itself a major contributing factor to the top six illnesses. Unmanaged stress is also a significant barrier to developing our personal and professional potential. Simply put - millions of people are experiencing a fraction of their potential because they live in their heads, mishandle their emotions and deny their bodies. You will be taught how to change this! On the positive side, increasing numbers of individuals are demanding help and support from professionals who are able to work with them holistically - in a way that attends to their mind, heart, emotions and body. Thousands of companies worldwide are also realizing that actively investing in the stress reduction, well-being and resilience of their employees is a win-win situation. It reduces health-related costs and boosts productivity and performance. Wellness, stress management and resilience training programs delivered by credible individuals are in considerable demand. You are about to step wholeheartedly into an industry and market that is growing fast.

Our training program is to help fill in the gaps in your knowledge and experience so that you can work effectively and holistically with your clients in order to meet this demand.

About our Training Course

Our Certified Stress Management & Well-Being Practitioner training program is based on an integral model of stress management, resilience and human flourishing – one that works with the somatic, emotional, psychological, relational and spiritual dimensions of our clients. It has its roots in the discoveries, tools and insights from a wide variety of complementary areas. These include the fields of stress management, neuroscience, positive psychology, somatic, emotional and social intelligence, mindfulness and meditation training, integral healthcare and acceptance and commitment therapy (a 3rd generation CBT approach). Above all else we have designed our course to be practical, grounded, inspiring and job-relevant.

Course Structure

Our training program consists of 16 modules, delivered through

  • 16 weekly ninety-minute webinars / teleclasses
  • 2 to 3 hours of additional webinars, articles and audios and other resources per module
  • 4 small group mentoring sessions
  • the recommended course books

The modules are:

Module 1:        Human Flourishing

Module 2:        The Anatomy of Stress

Module 3:        The SMART Model

Module 4:        Conscious Living

Module 5:        Relaxation

Module 6:        The Art of Self-Care

Module 7:        Cultivating Positive Emotions

Module 8:        Psychological Skillfulness

Module 9:        Reality-Based Optimism

Module 10:      Harnessing Your Strengths

Module 11:      Values-Based Living

Module 12:      Self-Acceptance

Module 13:      Positive Communication

Module 14:      Strategies for Enhancing Motivation

Module 15:      Creating a personalized SMART Plan

Module 16:      Delivering the SMART Course

For more details about the course content and modules you can download our prospectus here

Program Dates


The next course starts Sunday February 10th 2013

Webinars/teleclasses are weekly on Sundays at 08.00 PST, 11.00 ET and 16.00 GMT

February          10th/17th/24th

March              3rd/10th/17th/24th/31st

April                7th/14th/21st/28th

May                 5th/12th/19th/26th  

Program Fees

The tuition for the complete training program is

  • £1995 GBP or
  • four monthly payments of £550 GBP or
  • £1595 GBP if you pay in full before December 10th 2012

You will recover the cost of your tuition fee just by delivering one SMART course for the general public!


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