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Coaching as a profession is flourishing. Thousands of people are waking up to the realisation that to maximise their health and well-being and to liberate their personal and professional potential it can't be done alone but can be done within the context of a professional relationship. Coaches provide that relationship


We pride ourselves on delivering two different coach training programmes that will ensure you will become a competent and professional coach


Human Potential Coaching - for anyone who wants to fulfil their potential - and help others do the same

Are you looking for a coach training programme that will provide you with the knowledge, experience and tools to help you and others realise their potential? Are you interested in personal development, holistic health, the mind-body connection and spritual growth? Are you ready to explore the possibility of living in the world in a way that is open, free and heart-centred?


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Health & Well-Being Coach Training

If you are passionate about health and well-being and are looking to develop a new career for yourself as a coach or deliver a more effective, comprehensive level of care to your clients – we are convinced that you will find our professional training programme inspiring and personally and professionally transformative.


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Short Courses for Coaches

If you already work as a coach and want to enrich and expand your skill-base and knowledge we highly recommend one or more of our distance learning training courses. They include

  • Coaching Health & Well-Being
  • Positive Psychology for Coaches
  • Mindfulness Training for Coaches
  • Motivational Interviewing for Coaches

Each of these can be taken separately or as part of our Health & Well-Being Coach Training Programme. Click here for more information.

The Academy Of Human Potential



'Training as a Human Potential Coach has completely transformed and enriched my life. My journey through the training as a Human Potential coach has brought me to a place where I now live my life with my heart full of love, joy and profound gratitude for so very many things.' Mary Milne

'I think the single factor that made the Human Potential Course exceptional was the integrity of the man teaching it, Dr Mark Atkinson.  In every respect of life he walks his talk and this made the delivery of the content of the course particularly potent. The course is well structured, the delivery prompt, the feedback accurate and helpful.  I especially appreciated the individual mentoring sessions and the flexibility of the whole course which is still, as anything pioneering will be, a work in progress. The residential workshop was exciting, compassionate, patient and inspiring and equipped me to integrate it into an already busy and successful practice and assist my clients to even higher levels of consciousness.' Kitty Campion



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